Backup/Restore & Disaster Recover / BCP

Most companies will agree that data is one of their most valuable assets.  Therefore, keeping your data protected from loss is worth investing in.  A well designed disaster recovery strategy will result in minimal disruption to your IT systems should the worst happen.

Of course, data loss doesn't only occur due to disasters, and a well layered design can ensure different responses to different scenarios.  For example, if a fire destroyed your entire server room, you would have to relocate your IT systems to an alternative location.  However, should some disks in a server fail, this is a completely different situation that would require a more measured response.

Getting the balance right is critical.

Antelope Consulting offer the following DR/Backup Recovery services:

*       Design of backup solutions for Oracle databases.

*       Design of disaster recovery solutions for Oracle databases tailor made to match your requirements for downtime and budget.

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