Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC)

Clustering has become the industry standard way of providing a maximum uptime solution, and also to extend processing capabilities beyond the capabilities of single machines.

The clustering solution provided by Oracle is called Real Application Clusters, and is supported on a variety of different operating system platforms.

Antelope Consulting Ltd offer a complete end to end service to build an Oracle cluster.  We also provide a complete migration service to upgrade existing non-clustered databases into a fully clustered environments.  In order to utilise the full benefits of Real Application Clusters, the client side must also be addressed and potentially modified.  Antelope Consulting will analyze and perform any changes necessary to ensure full advantage is taken of the clustering technologies.

Antelope Consulting provide the following clustering services:

*       Creation of a clustered Oracle environment based on your business requirements.

*       Migration of your existing databases into a fully clustered environment.

*       Modifications to your existing cluster (e.g. adding new nodes, and performing database patching/upgrades).

Information Request

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