Most key systems running Oracle have or require a substantial amount of server side code to run complicated batch routines.  Antelope Consulting is an expert in producing highly performing PL/SQL routines designed to accomplish the requirements in the simplest and quickest way.  Antelope Consulting take pride in producing code that is of the highest quality, highly commented (easy for others to maintain) that is designed in the most efficient way.  Utilising the companies' tuning expertise, the code is produced in a highly optimised state that will stand the test of time.

We can also provide Unix shell scripting to produce operating system level routines. Perl shell scripting services are also available for both Unix and Windows operating systems.

Antelope Consulting Ltd offer the following development services:

*       Produce from new PL/SQL routines to your requirements.

*       Enhance the functionality of your existing PL/SQL routines.

*       Produce or enhance existing Unix shell scripts.

*       Produce or enhance existing Perl shell scripts.

Information Request

Should you require any more information on the development services Antelope Consulting offer, then please send an email to