Database Migration/Upgrades

Oracle software versions keep changing for various reasons.  It can either be to add new functionality, or to patch existing software versions.  In either case, it is steadily marching forward.  To further increase the necessity to migrate, older versions of the software eventually cease to be supported by Oracle, which could leave you in difficulties should a problem occur. 

Therefore, it is important to routinely upgrade the database version installed.  A change to the existing version a database is running on is a major implementation.  There are many scenarios that could cause problems, unless it is handled and performed correctly.

Antelope Consulting Ltd will perform the following services on request:

*       Analyse your infrastructure, and produce a detailed implementation plan on the whole upgrade process.

*       Advise on which Oracle version may be appropriate, and provide details on the new features on offer.

*       Implement an upgrade on a single, or multiple databases, whilst minimizing downtime and disruption to your business.

Information Request

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